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According to the American Insurance Association, “water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners’ insurance.” The Contents Team is committed to providing a superior level of content cleaning, fire and water damage restoration services.

About Us

After 6 years as General Manager of The Contents Team, Tim Shackelford and his wife Shannon formed TSJT Holdings, LLC in March of 2016 and purchased The Contents Team in May of 2016. A niche services provider in the restoration industry, The Contents Team is known for being instrumental in rebuilding lives destroyed by disaster. Tim Shackelford and Dave Grimes, have over 40 years’ experience in the restoration industry. Together with our highly trained staff, we help our clients overcome the ravages of fire and water damage by delivering exceptional customer service and cutting-edge contents restoration services.

How We Work

We offer on-site inspections and guidance to provide a formal appraisal of the project size. Using a careful and detailed pack-out process, each item is inventoried, photographed, professionally packaged, removed from the damaged environment and taken to our storage facility.

How long does this take?

The process duration depends on the size of the job, the severity of damage, volume and type of contents.

What methods do we use?

Our methods and protocols for each loss are proprietary, based on many years of high-volume work experience. While these are standardized as much as possible, they are nevertheless customized to address the particular needs of each client, enabling The Contents Team to offer highly skilled, efficient, detailed water damage restoration services second to none.

Where are the items stored?

The Contents Team operates a rigorously-monitored, secure, climate-controlled storage facility where your items are stored in the best possible environment and treated as though they were our own. We are very aware that our clients trust us with a lifetime of memories and prized possessions, and make use of a custom warehouse tracking method that enables us to follow each item every step of the way.

How are the items transported?

Client losses come in an infinite variety of sizes, severity, accessibility, scope and volume of contents, which are transported between your premises and our secure storage facility by a fleet of 12 vehicles.

These range from a 53’ tractor trailer to a Chevy HHR, providing us with the flexibility of options we need to be able to respond to every client’s individual needs.

At The Contents Team, we believe in complete transparency in all dealings with our clients, adjusters and contractors.

Learn more about our fire and water damage restoration services, or call (877) 482-8886.

Cleaning Method

Our superior cleaning method begins with an extensive evaluation of each item, followed by implementation of one or more cleaning technologies. The choice of option is loss-specific, meaning it’s based on and customized for your individual requirements. Cleaning solutions include:

  • ultrasonic technology,
  • high detail delicate cleaning,
  • upholstery or fabric cleaning,
  • electronics ultrasonic cleaning,
  • deodorization,
  • dedicated drying cambers,
  • specific cleaning solutions (usually botanicals-based).

These methods of cleaning are carefully selected for fire and water damage restoration purposes, or any other type of disaster experienced by our clients.

Training and Qualifications

Our certified restoration experts participate in a variety of training and advanced educational programs to ensure expertise in the latest ultramodern techniques. Team members hold IICRC accreditations designating them as certified cleaners, certified odor control technicians and certified upholstery technicians. These certifications are earned through regular annual attendance at classes presented by nationally-recognized and accredited trainers.

An Experienced Team

Our friendly and experienced team members are all seasoned restoration professionals.  All members have a minimum of five years’ experience in the restoration industry, with a focus on contents restoration. We handle each project and item with equal care, and are always sensitive to the hardships facing property owners after a tragedy.

Benefits to Agents

The Contents Team greatly reduces claim amounts by restoring property that would otherwise need to be replaced at full cost. Many items that may appear at first to be damaged beyond repair can actually be preserved through advanced ultrasonic cleaning and other cutting-edge techniques. Fire, smoke, mold and water and damage doesn’t necessarily spell disaster any more.

Benefits to Other Restoration Companies

The Contents Team is proud to handle a large volume of fire and water damage restoration work that is outsourced to us from other restoration companies. We help them provide a full range of services to their customers by excelling in areas of expertise they don’t normally cover. By calling The Contents Team, they can expand the scope of their company to offer a huge range of restoration possibilities.

water damage restoration, The Contents Teamwater damage restoration, The Contents Team

water damage restoration, The Contents Team

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