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Secure Storage for Our Customers’ Belongings

When not being cleaned or transported, all contents are stored in one of our secure storage areas to await content restoration services. All of our storage areas are fully insured, climate-controlled and utilize high-end alarm & monitoring systems.

Climate Controlled

We’re proud to offer totally climate-controlled storage facilities that are both heated and air conditioned to maintain proper temperatures throughout the year. We understand the importance of assuring customers that their prized possessions and family heirlooms are safe from further harm after a shocking event like a fire or flood. All facilities are fully insured and rigorously supervised using high-end alarm and monitoring systems to provide maximum security.

State-of-the-Art Tracking System

Using an industry-first Standardized Procedures Checklist, The Contents Team begins each project by providing clients with a step-by-step document that details the process and eliminates any surprises. Our transparent record keeping procedure gives both clients and agents full access to their project status at all times.

Learn more about our Content Restoration Services or call (877) 482-8886.

Customer Service

Our Project Managers are specially trained to handle client concerns so adjusters are not burdened with time-consuming, customer-service issues. The Contents Team will provide the client with a list of non-salvageable items to save them the time and enormous emotional burden of going through these items themselves.


The company maintains our own fleet of reliable vehicles in a variety of sizes. Our trucks, vans and cars are available to fit the needs of any job. Your possessions will be securely transported to our high-tech storage facilities in a safe and professional manner.


The Contents Team employs revolutionary cleaning processes to increase effectiveness while decreasing cost. Ultrasonic cleaners, pressure-spray cabinets, rotary turntables, handheld devices and more are available to provide a detailed level of precision cleaning and content restoration services for any project.

Our secure storage facility keeps your possessions safe while they await our content restoration services.

Content restoration services

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Content restoration services 15
water damages
homeowner warranty
deck restore
Our fire damage restoration services can revive your business after a disaster.
photo restoration
Content restoration services 17
The most difficult cases of flooding can benefit from our water damage restoration services.
Content restoration services 19
Content restoration services 16
Content restoration services 21
Content restoration services 18
One of the vehicles available for our content restoration services.
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smoke damage
mobile home insurance
homeowner warranty
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